Hello There. I'm Victor Beltrame

I am a product designer with a passion for user-centred design solutions and a strong background in print and digital work.

Below I’ve summarized my main design skills


Product Research
Creating Personas
Wireframing Low Fidelity
Wireframing high Fidelity
Product Testing
UX writing
Interaction Design
Design Sprints
Visual Communication
User Empathy


Adobe CC.
InVision Studio
Adobe XD
HTML, CSS, Javascript and Jquery.

My Work

  • Helmets
  • Business Builder
  • Loop Live
  • Canon - Kyoyu
  • Ansarada - Document Management
  • Canon - This Is Australia
  • ANSARADA - Moving Documents Feature on Pathways
  • Ansarada Onboarding Questions
  • Illustrations 2

My Process

“Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.”
Pablo Picasso


In this phase, you’ll learn how to better understand people. You’ll observe their lives, hear their hopes and desires, and get smart on your challenge


Here you’ll make sense of everything that you’ve heard, generate tons of ideas, identify opportunities for design, and test and refine
your solutions.


Now is your chance to bring your solution to life. You’ll figure out how to get your idea to market and how to maximize its impact in the world.

Who am I?

Victor Beltrame

Brazilian & Australian Permanent Resident

I’m a multidisciplinary designer with a significant focus in User Experience and a strong background in print and digital design. I can comfortably work across both print media and digital mediums.

I am passionate about clear communication, problem-solving, User Interface, branding, and layouts. Good design well executed is my day-to-day inspiration.

I’m pretty much a full stack nerd; playing videos games, reading sci-fi and fantasy books or watching movies. But when I’m not designing or nerding out, you will find me at the gym, playing guitar or at the fresh food markets sourcing the best cooking ingredients.

Work Experience

Product Designer
Ansarada- www.ansarada.com
2019 September – Current Job

  • Helped plan and prepare co-creation workshops as well as developing designs and prototypes
  • Working within the Product Team to strategies and design
  • Involved with design research and synthesis of customer and stakeholder interviews
  • Designed and created deliverables such as customer journey maps and user flows
  • Meet with clients to establish the design brief, including concept, performance and production criteria
  • Launched features within an agile delivery framework, designed templates and reusable components to significantly reduce the number of custom components

Product (UX/UI) Designer
Canon Australia- www.canon.com.au
2019 January – 2019 September

  • Create the visual interface through personas, storyboards, iconography and illustrations.
  • Working closely in a cross-functional team to deliver product features. Using a combination of UX/UI practices, wireframing, prototyping, user testing and interviews to solve customer pain points and meet business requirements.
  • Apply conceptual thinking to create world-class digital services across multiple platforms.
  • Develop solid UX concepts, including the definition of customer needs.
  • Applying design thinking and User Centred Design methodologies to solve problems and discover design innovations across the whole company
  • Develop design system across app (font styles, colour palettes, UI components, etc)
  • Establishing comprehensive libraries from the ground up, collaborating across multiple design streams, content and developement teams

Product (UX/UI) Designer
Optus SMB – www.optus.com.au/business/
2017 January – 2019 January

  • Delivered high-quality design documents like use case scenarios, sketches, wireframes, mockups, flow diagrams and comprehensive design specs.
  • Collaborated with the PM and BA on strategic design decisions. Worked with DEV and QA to drive alignments on contentious design topics.
  • Develop the digital brand and identity strategy for our customers.
  • Create the visual interface through personas, storyboards, iconography and illustrations.
  • Develop the digital brand and identity strategy for our customers.
  • Work closely with copywriter, data analyst and marketing to produce best in class creative
  • High volume of design variations across multiple product categories and audience segments
  • Sketching or quickly mocking up designs to communicate ideas on the spot

Graphic/Digital Designer
Zilco International Sydney – www.zilco.net.From
2013 January – 2017 December

  • Visual design of interfaces across several digital platforms and print.
  • UX (wireframes, journey maps, personas) and UI (design and coding) for websites
  • Effectively communicate and present research findings, conceptual ideas, detailed design, and design rationale both verbally and visually
  • High volume of design variations across multiple product categories and audience segments

Graphic/Digital Designer

Polo De Marco Sydney‐Australia www.polodemarco.com.au
2012 October – 2013 January

  • Graphic design
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Web Designer
  • New product launches
  • Strategic planning
  • Corporate identity

Motion Graphic Designer
Mandoe Media Sydney‐Australia www.mandoemedia.com
2012 May – 2012 August

  • Motion Designer
  • Web Designer

Graphic Designer
Ziper Comunicação Itu, Sao Paulo, Brazil www.zipercom.com
2008 January – 2010 December

  • Zipercom is a busy design studio that supplies artwork and print for the most very type of clients. Jobs included posters, banners, flyers, business cards, rebranding, newspaper/magazine ads and brochures.


General Assembly
User Experience Design
From 2018 March to 2018 September

HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery,
From 2016 June to 2017 May

Tractor Design School
Industry Digital Design Program,
From 2015 August to 2015 October

University Prudente de Moraes FPM, Sao Paulo
Major in communications with bachelor in advertising From 2005 January to 2009 December

College Belas Artes
Diploma in Graphic Arts
From 2005 January to 2005 December

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