Ansarada Onboarding Questions

Ansarada offers a great tool to help user business to get ready for a deal or transaction. We realised that the best way to serve new online customers was through onboarding questions



The challenge 

There is currently no way of knowing who the customer is when they sign up for a free trial, or what their use case is. We also don’t know how to give them the best possible product experience and solve their problem without knowing where they are in their process. To solve this we intend to introduce 3 onboarding questions into the free trial flow.

My role

I led this project with the Product Manager and the Lead Engineer. I was the sole individual responsible for User Experience and I personally created the deliverables that you will see in this case study. I saw the project through from the kickoff meeting, to the launch, and through multiple rounds of iteration afterwards.

Defining the problem

Stakeholder interviews

On this project, I worked closely to the CEO of the company and the Product Manager of this project. I conducted interviews with representatives from Leadership (CEO), Product, Sales, Customer Services, and Engineering to understand each part of the company’s unique requirements and concerns for the design.

Data analises  

I began by digging into our historical data, surfacing user pain points and barriers to conversion. Using anonymous session recordings, I was able to put myself in our’s shoes and identify the pain points when organising documents.


Best in Class

Undertaking best-in-class research helps me understand how other companies or competitors may have solved the same problem, and can influence my process using tested outcomes and due diligence. The main purpose is to collect the best consequences within a specified category, and use these ideas to inform my design. For this project, I used Fullstory and Spotify.

Wireframe – Low Fidelity

Once we had a solid direction for the design, I began to produce multiple different variations of wireframes. I then put the designs in front of users and stakeholders for testing and feedback. This helped me to narrow the design down to three major variations, which I used to establish a single design framework, and thus move into the final design

Wireframe – High Fidelity

After the first interaction of design got approved I began to create the high fidelity designs. During this phase, I worked even closer to the development time.
On this case study, I’ve used 100% of the Ansarada component library, and by that reducing the delivery time and scope of this project

The Final Design