Canon - Kyoyu

Kyōyū is an Australian camera sharing community brought together by Canon. It lets you rent out your photography gear or hire the camera and lenses you need, quickly and easily.

The challenge 

The main problem with a service peer-to-peer like camera sharing is convincing the users that it is safe and they are protected and covered by insurance. I start to work on the project after all the discovery defining phase, the customer and stakeholders interview were conducted before I joined the team

My role

Product Designer – UX/UI

Defining the problem

Best in Class

Undertaking best-in-class research helps me understand how other companies or competitors may have solved the same problem, and can influence my process using tested outcomes and due diligence. The main purpose is to collect the best consequences within a specified category, and use these ideas to inform my design. For this project, Uber, Airbnb, Goget.


Wireframe – Low Fidelity

Rapid sketch iterations were used for directional discussions. I took feedback from our multiple different departments, and although one department’s interests would sometimes conflict with another department’s, we were able to begin closing in on a design.

Wireframe – High Fidelity

Once I had a solid design direction, I began to produce high fidelity mockups, which would then be converted into prototypes. These were then used to perform iterative rounds of user testing.

The Final Design