Canon - This Is Australia

‘This Is Australia’: a new stock photography collection reflecting diversity photography collection reflects diversity in pictures. It was a conjunction work between Canon and Getty Images

The challenge 

To address a lack of stock photography that accurately reflects the diversity of Australia’s population, Getty Images has partnered with Canon Australia to launch This Is Australia – a collection of more than 5,000 images aimed at redefining who Australians are today.

My role

As the sole product designer responsible for this project, I both led it and corresponded with Canon and Getty Images. I produced sketches, wireframes, and mockups. I delivered final assets, supervised the development, verified the live product, and iterated again for multiple rounds.

Defining the problem

Stakeholder interviews

This project was managed across Canon and Getty Images. I conducted interviews with representatives from both companies


Wireframe – Low Fidelity

Rapid sketch iterations were used for directional discussions. I took feedback from our multiple different departments, and although one department’s interests would sometimes conflict with another department’s, we were able to begin closing in on a design.

Wireframe – High Fidelity

Once I had a solid design direction, I began to produce high fidelity mockups, which would then be converted into prototypes. These were then used to perform iterative rounds of user testing.

The Final Design