Optus - Business Builder

Redesigning Business Builder was the first large project I undertook at Optus. Business Builder is a tiered offer that gives small to medium businesses a discount on additional plan access fees when adding eligible business services to the same account.

The challenge 

Initially, the site was very busy and convoluted, and after extensive research into user experience and data usage, we found users were overwhelmed by the information provided. This caused them to leave the page without engaging because it was too hard to understand what was being offered.

My role

As the sole designer responsible for this project, I both led it and corresponded with Optus SMB internal development agency while building out the designs. I conducted multiple rounds of research. I produced sketches, wireframes, and mockups. I delivered final assets and documents, supervised the development, verified the live product, and iterated again for multiple rounds.

Defining the problem

Data analyses  

After reviewing the quantitative data, we began to seek out qualitative data with which we could supplement the information that we already had, as well as identify early issues in the site that could be corrected within the first couple of iterations. Testing was conducted with existing customers and users who had never interacted with the brand before.


Wireframe – Low Fidelity

Once we had a solid direction for the design, I began to produce multiple different variations of wireframes. I then put the designs in front of users and stakeholders for testing and feedback. This helped me to narrow the design down to three major variations, which I used to establish a single design framework, and thus move into the final design

Wireframe – High Fidelity

In my redesign, the landing page succinctly explains what Business Builder is. After this simple introduction, the user only has to decide if they want to buy a SIM plan or a Mobile plan.

The Final Design

Pathways are a key part of the Ansarada platform. They guide the progression of activity from pre due diligence in scorecards, through to execution of the deal itself in a data room. In Pathways, only had document organisation, which provides a method for creating subfolders but we know this isn’t working well for our customers.