Optus - Business Builder

Client: Optus –  Business Builder
Role: UX & UI

Redesigning Business Builder was the first large project I undertook at Optus. Business Builder is a tiered offer that gives small to medium businesses a discount on additional plan access fees when adding an eligible business services to the same account. Initially the site was very busy and convoluted, and after extensive research into user experience and data usage, we found users were overwhelmed with the information provided. This caused them to leave the page without engaging because it was too hard to understand what was being offered.

In my redesign, the landing page succinctly explains what Business Builder is. After this simple introduction, the user only has to decide if they want to buy a SIM plan or a Mobile plan.

The next interaction was created with the intention to grab the indecisive consumer – if they’re not sure about plans, or think it is a laborious selection process, this section explains how easy it is and provides an ‘extra push’.