Optus Loop Live

Client: Optus Loop Live
Role: UX & UI

Optus Loop Live is a project I’ve worked on recently that I’m very proud of.

Optus Loop Live is a mobile unified communications solution to provide simple business features to users on mobiles and personal computers. The Optus application was experiencing issues, as consumers had difficulty understanding the product and its functionalities – and often associated it with the Loop Pro, a more complicated and heavier version of the service.

User design feature UX: To improve understanding of the product I created an A-feature with screenshots of the app, plus large, bold text to initially explain what the service does, as well as show the face of the product.

The second interaction on the site is educational, providing an explanation of how the app works and the features of the service.

The third and fourth interaction on the site is a quick but effective stripe, explaining how to install the program and how fast it is to get up and running.

Lastly, the user lands on the ‘help’ section that also includes articles and testimonials – providing proof of the product’s capabilities.